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Extract actionable insights into other companies to boost your sales, market, recruitment, or competitive intelligence now! We provide 10 million new job postings per month from over 140 countries starting 2020!

Job Datasets

Our Job Posting Datasets go back to 2020 and cover all countries upto now. Use our historical data to predict your market's future!

Job Datafeeds

We offer data feeds of job postings from all around the world. You can simply start with one country and then easily scale to other markets.

Job Posting API

Our data is provided as JSON files on AWS S3 or via a REST API. Easily connect, search, and download job posting for your systems!

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Use Cases

Extract actionable insights to boost your sales, market, investment, recruitment, business, or competitive intelligence now!


Market Intelligence

Job postings provide valuable market insights into the current and past hiring trends within a particular industry or region or be used to analyze new markets before going into a new country.


Trend Identification

Identify emerging trends in job roles, new and upcoming technologies, expanding markets, popular tools and software, and industry standards, and more!


Sales Intelligence

By leveraging job postings, you can enhance your sales intelligence capabilities and uncover new leads for companies that may be interested in your solutions.


Competitive Intelligence

Stay informed about competitors, their general growth, new locations, focus on departments, or other activities mentioned in their job postings. Benchmark with the best!


Recruitment Intelligence

Analyze labour market trends and optimize your hiring strategy, train your workforce, understand changes in addressing candidates, benefits, or job requirements.


Business Intelligence

Identify companies in need of employees and place your candidates as a headhunter, promote your courses as an educator, or offer your tools as a manufacturer.


Job Boards

Backfill your Job Board in even the smallest niche with job postings of important companies or specific technologies to increase your traffic and ad revenue.


Data Science

Enhance your data science, big data, machine learning, natural language processing, or artificial intelligence activities, and gain valuable insights that can help drive your growth and success.


Investment Intelligence

Extract insights into a company's growth trajectory, organizational structure, and hiring strategy, to make informed decisions on potential investment opportunities.

We enable you to collect and filter large amounts of job postings without developing, maintaining, and operating your own job crawling and scraping infrastructure to make data-driven decisions!


We love simple Pricings! Pick and combine high-quality job data from over 140 countries since 2020.


Job Datasets & Datafeeds

€300 per month per country

Subscription to the datafeed of all job postings from one country per month or one-time payment for the dataset of all job postings from one country from one past month.

  • Daily Exports as JSON Files

  • 1 Country without Data Limits

  • Upto 34 Sources

  • Fast Downloads from AWS S3

Job Data API

Starting at 0.0025€ per job record

Get access to our main database with all job postings starting 2020 including all countries! Search and filter job postings - get access to 180M+ data records and only pick what you need!

  • API-based Access to Database

  • All Countries without Data Limits

  • Upto 34 Sources

  • Secure Metering via RapidAPI


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