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Leverage the power of job posting data to optimize your candidate placement strategy. Unearth vacancies swiftly, enrich your knowledge about employers, anticipate staffing trends, and uncover expansion plans.

Ever needed to place a candidate at a new company because he or she was rejected or declined an offer? With job data you can easily find leads to discover vacant positions, identify fresh employers, uncover upcoming staffing opportunities, or get insights into the staffing in new markets!

Welcome to Techmap's Job Datafeeds, where we show you the power of job posting data to revolutionize your candidate placement process. We understand your needs as headhunters, career coaches, sourcers, and recruiters: to discover vacant positions, identify new employers, and uncover emerging markets.

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Understanding Candidate Placement and Job Data

Candidate placement is about connecting the right candidate to the right job. It's about understanding the talent demand, staffing trends, and much more. But in this data-driven world, candidate placement is not just about human intuition anymore - it's about leveraging data to find the perfect fit.

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In the candidate placement industry we often want to:

  • Place Candidates Faster at employers that need your candidate's profile.

  • Uncover Vacancies Easily and place the perfect candidates.

  • Make More Profit by having a greater throughput of candidates.

  • Support our Candidates by advising on upskilling or industry shifts.

  • Find more Employers by understanding their (future) needs.

  • Stay competitive by understanding the supply and demand sides.

Job posting data is a goldmine of information. From job descriptions and key skills to location and salary range, every detail is a valuable insight. Whether you are conducting vacancy research or formulating a staffing strategy these data fields can guide you to the right decisions.

Harnessing the Power of Job Data

Wondering how to use job posting data to supercharge your candidate placement strategy? You're at the right place. Job posting data is a powerhouse of information, ready to be leveraged in numerous ways. The data fields in job ads provide a comprehensive snapshot of the market, its demands, and how best to meet them.

Think about enriching your data on employers, uncovering over-fished regions, and gaining insights into staffing trends in new markets. That's what we're offering. With our job data, your candidate placement strategy becomes data-driven, giving you a competitive edge.

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The data fields within job ads provide essential details that can be analyzed to uncover valuable trend information. By harnessing the power of job posting data, you can:

  • Discover Vacant Positions: Unearth available opportunities across various industries and regions. This can significantly speed up your vacancy search and help you find the perfect fit for your candidates.

  • Identify New Employers for Techs: Uncover new tech companies entering the market, giving your tech-savvy candidates an edge in landing jobs in these emerging entities.

  • Uncover New Employers in Regions: Whether it's a bustling metropolis or a remote town, job data allows you to identify new employers setting up shop in different regions.

  • Enrich Data on Employers: Dive deeper into information about employers — their size, industry, culture, and more, equipping your candidates with a thorough understanding of their potential workplaces.

  • Uncover Growing or Shrinking Talent Pools: Understanding the dynamics of talent pools in various sectors helps you align your candidates with industries where their skills are in high demand.

  • Detect Expansion Plans & Upcoming Talent Demand: Job postings often reflect a company's expansion plans. With job data, you can anticipate where the demand for talent is likely to rise in the future.

  • Get Insights into Staffing in New Markets or Regions: Job data can offer a peek into emerging markets or regions, giving you a head start in preparing your candidates for opportunities in these new arenas.

Why Techmap's Job Posting Data?

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Our data feeds cover job postings from across the globe, offering a scalable solution for your sales intelligence needs.
Daily Updates

Daily Updates

With daily job data exports, you get early insights into your prospects' activities.
Standardized Data

Standardized Data

Fast setup and easy integration thanks to our standardized data formats.
Easily Compareable

Easily Compareable

Compare trends over time with our international data dating back to 2020.
Fully managed

Fully managed

Leave the data collection to us while you focus on analysis.
Reliable Data Flow

Reliable Data Flow

We ensure a steady flow of data thanks to our comprehensive source coverage.


  • Isn't job data limited to a specific industry or sector?
  • Can't I rely on traditional market research for candidate placement?
  • How can I be sure that job postings reflect accurate trend information?
  • Isn't it difficult to integrate and manage job data feeds?
  • Can I use job data for other purposes beyond business intelligence?

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Are you ready to improve your candidate placement tactics? Don't let this valuable resource slip through your fingers. Step into the future with data-driven placement to refine your candidate placement. Uncover placement opportunities, predict staffing shifts, and successfully adapt to the ever-evolving staffing trends.

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