About Us

Who are we?

Techmap is a powerful workplace search engine designed for developers, students, and freelancers to find companies that use specific technologies. By leveraging an extensive technology knowledge graph, Techmap empowers individuals and businesses to match employment and project needs around the world.

With Techmap, users can easily find a place to work with the technologies they love, making it the ultimate "Google for Workplaces."

Why are we selling Job Posting data?

To operate Techmap we crawl the Internet daily and collect millions of job postings from various sources. We extract information on the companies from their job postings to identify technologies and tools in use.

But we are not the only ones who find these job postings valuable, which is the reason we sell the same job postings we use to extract information on companies. We are committed to transparency and believe that by using the same data that we offer, we can build a stronger partnership with our customers and help them make more informed decisions in their sales, market, investment, recruitment, business, or competitive intelligence initiatives.

Where are we located?

Our headquarters is located in Germany's IT-Metropole Karlsruhe in the South-West of Germany - an hour South of Frankfurt and West of Stuttgart. Known as the "internet capital" of Germany, Karlsruhe is home of the Karlsruhe Intitute of Technology (KIT) and has a great Tech and Startup ecosystem!

The Karlsruhe greater area is truly a hidden gem when it comes to Deep-Tech & B2B startups: origin of Chrono24, Zenkit, Understand.ai, Campusjäger, Kolibri Games, Blue Yonder, Volocopter and many many more - as well as home to the headquarters of large enterprises such as SAP, DM, BASF, and 1&1.