Job Postings API

We collect millions of new job postings per month from more than 140 countries and collected over 230 million since 2020. Our API offers access to the newest job postings in our database.

Job Postings API

Our job postings API provides developers and data scientists with access to real-time and historical job posting data from a variety of sources such as Career Pages or Job Boards, including Indeed, Linkedin, Monster, Glassdoor, and more, enabling them to build custom applications and solutions.

The Data

The data is optimized for the integration into job boards by adhering to the JSON-LD Job posting structured data for Job Search from Google for job descriptions in order to easily list job postings in Search Engines.

In addition to providing scraped data from job postings, including the job title, description, company, or location, we also offer additional identified information such as the industry, department, occupation, geo-coordinates, or timezone.


The API is build on top of OpenSearch and offers a modern RESTful architecture, ensuring fast and efficient job search and retrieval. With the API, you can easily search for job postings from various sources, including company career pages, job boards, and staffing agencies, providing you with a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the job market. Whether you're building an occupation-specific job board, a job based intelligence solutions, a job aggregator website, a recruitment platform, or a machine learning model, our job data API is the perfect solution for all your job data needs.

By incorporating job posting data from our API, you can enrich your platform, ensuring a constant influx of diverse job opportunities. This not only enhances user engagement but also opens up new avenues for revenue generation through advertisements or lead generation.

Live access to our Job Crawler output

Global coverage of the labour market

Easy filtering and delivery via our API

Ready-to-use JSON-LD data, optimized for SEO

Job Description in Markdown format

Enriched data: work place, industry, etc.

Cut costs and pay only for what you need

Trusted payments via RapidAPI

100% Compliant Data Collection


Benefits of using our Job Postings API:

  • Real-time and historical data: Our API provides access to real-time and historical job posting data. This means you can always be up-to-date on the latest job postings and trends.
  • Comprehensive data: Our API includes a wide range of data fields, such as job title, job description, company name, location, salary, and more. This gives you the data you need to build powerful applications and solutions.
  • Easy to use: Our API is easy to use and integrates with a variety of programming languages and platforms. This means you can get up and running quickly and easily.
  • Free trial: We offer a free subscription plan so you can try out our data before you buy. This is a great way to see the value of our API for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Building a Job Boards

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  • Where can I host a job board?
  • How to monetize a job board?

Operating a Job Board

  • How can I fill my job board?
  • How can I add jobs to my Wordpress Website?
  • Where can I get job postings to fill my job board?

Job Data API

Starting at 0.002€ per job record

Get access to our main database with all current job postings for all countries! Search and filter job postings - get access to the freshest job data records and only pick what you need!

  • API-based Access to Database

  • All Countries without Data Limits

  • Over 1800 Sources

  • Secure Metering via RapidAPI


Job Data Use Cases

Extract actionable insights to boost your sales, market, investment, recruitment, business, or competitive intelligence now!

We enable you to collect and filter large amounts of job postings without developing, maintaining, and operating your own job crawling and scraping infrastructure to make data-driven decisions!

Build something great!

Unleash the full potential of our high-quality job postings to achieve your business objectives and gain a competitive edge in your industry!

Excellent Service

Our reliable services are tailored to meet your needs, helping you achieve your goals with confidence.

Scalable Solution

Our global coverage is designed to support your use-case, enabling you to easily add new markets.

Fast Set-up

Download JSON files from AWS S3 and pump them into your Databases or connect to our API in minutes.

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