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Job Posting Data

Looking to gain valuable insights into job offerings from companies around the world? Look no further than our Job Posting Data, providing you with access to over 150k job ads per day from more than 100 countries.

Our job data platform allows you to effortlessly collect and filter vast amounts of job postings, without having to build, maintain, and operate your infrastructure to crawl the web, scrape job postings, normalize raw data, and enhance the final data.

With our job data stream, you can easily:

  • Generate insights into the job and labor market
  • Extract skills in demand
  • Identify tools and technology trends
  • Boost your competitive intelligence
  • Identify potential customers
  • Improve your strategic market intelligence
  • or need a job postings API for other reasons!

Whatever your needs may be, our datasets and datafeeds provides you with the data necessary to make informed data-driven decisions and gain valuable insights.

Job Postings Throughput

Month# Jobs# Countries
2024-033.1 M234
2024-023.1 M220
2024-013.5 M139
2023-123.6 M121
2023-114.2 M119
2023-104.6 M120
2023-095.1 M122
2023-086.2 M118
2023-076.0 M122
2023-066.7 M125
2023-057.3 M139
2023-047.9 M137
2023-0310.8 M131
2023-029.6 M126

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Our Data

Our data is provided in JSON format via an API or through downloadable daily data files for each country. You can subscribe to our Job Posting Datafeeds of individual countries, buy historical data starting from 2020 as Job Posting Datasets, or access specific slices of our Data via our Job Postings API (e.g., all Healthcare jobs for the EU)!

We offer our job posting data files on AWS Data Exchange (ADX) and our Job Postings API on RapidAPI.

Dataset Samples

To get first impression and test the workflow you can access our Luxembourg job dataset for free. Luxembourg largely dependent on the banking, steel, and industrial sectors. As of 2023, Luxembourg's population stands at 650k with a GDP per capita of 132k USD. The dataset starts January 1st, 2020, comprises of approx. 250k job ads, and grows by roughly 10k job listings monthly.

Alternatively, we have published several Datasets on Kaggle that you can explore:

or download a small JSON file with upto 3 records from 30 sources and 144 countries within April 2023:

If you need a more specific sample, please don't hesitate to contact our Data Team and let us know which dataset you are interested in. Our team will get back to you with a relevant sample to help you make an informed decision about purchasing the full dataset.

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