Investment Intelligence
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Unleash the potential of job posting data for astute investment intelligence. Discover burgeoning startups, anticipate market trends, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic startup landscape.

In the fiercely competitive realm of investments, maintaining a vanguard position is critical for success. Envision a resource that unveils new opportunities, enriches your portfolio with comprehensive data, and keeps you abreast of evolving market trends before they become apparent to the competition.

Enter the future of investment intelligence based on job data. We place job posting data at the heart of your investment strategy, creating a dynamic toolkit for venture capitalists keen on pioneering within their markets. Discover how this unique perspective on data can redefine your journey towards superior data-driven investment decisions.

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Discover the New Era of Investment Intelligence

Investment Intelligence isn't just about stock trends and financial projections anymore. It has evolved into a complex, data-driven strategy that combines different sources of information to create a comprehensive overview of investment opportunities. Investment analysis has expanded to include more than just balance sheets and earnings reports - now, the real goldmine is found in job posting data.

By applying BI practices to job posting data, you can enrich your understanding of your industry, keep an eye on your competitors, and ultimately, boost your bottom line.

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In the realm of Investment Intelligence, we often aim to:

  • Identify Startups Faster by monitoring their talent acquisition strategies.

  • Discover Investment Opportunities Easily through industry trends.

  • Generate More Profit by making informed investment decisions.

  • Support Our Investments with keen insight into their strategic moves.

  • Experience Better Returns with data-driven investment strategies.

  • Gain Deeper Insight of the startup landscape through job data analysis.

Job posting data is a treasure trove of information just waiting to be utilized. Each job posting is filled with insightful data fields - job descriptions, required skills, used tools, location, industry, salary range, and much more. Each of these fields presents a unique opportunity to extract insights about a company's current state and future plans. It's like being given a key to the company's strategy room. You can see where they are heading, what skills they are investing in, and even identify potential pivot points in their strategy.

Why Use Job Posting Data for Investment Intelligence?

Traditionally, investment prospecting has relied on conventional methods like market surveys, financial reports, or word-of-mouth referrals. While these approaches have their merits, they can be resource-intensive, time-consuming, and yield varied results.

Job postings are a treasure chest of valuable investment intelligence. Each job ad carries abundant information about a company's strategic direction, emerging roles, and industry trends. By exploiting this data, you gain a competitive edge in spotting potential investment opportunities, discerning successful strategies, and seizing new market opportunities that others may miss.


So, how can you use job posting data for investment intelligence? Here are a few approaches:

  • Discover New Startups or Scale-ups: Spot the next big thing before everyone else does. Job posting data gives you early insights into startups that are just getting off the ground or scaling rapidly.
  • Identify New Offerings and Solutions: Detect shifts in a startup's product or service offerings based on the roles they are hiring for. Are they expanding into new markets? Pivoting their strategy? Job data can tell you.
  • Enrich Your Data on Startups: Add depth to your existing knowledge about startups. Job posting data provides a wealth of information that can enhance your understanding and aid your decision-making process.
  • Watch Changing Talent Strategies: Watch Changing Talent Strategies: Keep an eye on how a startup's hiring strategy evolves over time. This can signal important strategic shifts, growth spurts, or potential trouble ahead.
  • Predict Market Disruptions: Identify trends and patterns that could indicate upcoming market disruptions. Be the first to act and capitalize on these changes.
  • Identify Growing or Shrinking Startups: Use job posting data to gauge a startup's growth. A sudden increase or decrease in hiring can be a key indicator of a company's health and future prospects.
  • Get Insights Into New Markets Opened by Startups: Uncover new market opportunities by tracking where startups are establishing a presence. Job data can help you understand emerging markets and make strategic investments.

Why Choose Job Datafeeds from Techmap?

Fully managed

Fully managed

Our scraping infrastructure ensures a seamless experience.
Daily Updates

Daily Updates

Our job postings are updated daily, keeping you ahead of the game.
Fast setup

Fast setup

We provide data in standardized formats for quick integration.
Global Coverage

Global Coverage

We cover job data globally, giving you insights into markets all over the world.
Historical data

Historical data

Our historical international data, starting from 2020, allows for easy benchmarking.
Reliable Data Flow

Reliable Data Flow

We provide consistent and reliable data, thanks to our wide source coverage.


  • How can job posting data improve my investment strategy?
  • Is job posting data reliable?
  • How frequently is the job data updated?
  • How easy is it to integrate job posting data into my existing systems?
  • Is your data legally obtained?

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In a world where data is king, job posting data is an untapped goldmine of investment intelligence. It holds the potential to enrich your industry knowledge, bolster your strategy development, and give you a competitive edge. With the help of Techmap's Job Datafeeds, you can unlock this potential and drive your investment to new heights.

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We have presented you with an innovative approach to investment intelligence, one that leverages job posting data to enrich your investment strategy. By opting for Techmap's Job Datafeeds, you gain the ability to skillfully navigate the investment ecosystem, underpin your decisions with concrete data, and maintain a competitive edge.

We invite you not to delay this crucial step. Embark on your transition towards a more informed, data-driven investment approach today with Techmap's Job Datafeeds. Commence your journey here.

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